2008 Barracks Row Mural, finalist with Garrett Strang Barracks Row Main Street,
Dept. of  Transportation


2007   Eastern Market "Ceres at Market Day"DC Commission on the Arts Size: 8' x 4'  Medium: Acrylic on MDF Board


2006  10th St Art Walk Mural  "Medici Morph DC Commission on the Arts Size: 7 ft x 24 ft

Medium: Digital print on acrylic fabric


2006  Rockville Town  Center, Banner Mural Finalist Rockville Art Commission


2002  Naylor Road Metro Station Mural Finalist Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority


1997  Chinatown/Gallery Place Metro Station, Mural Finalist, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority


1996  Judiciary Square Elevator Lobby Ceiling Mural, DC Commission on the Arts

Size: 12 ft. in  diameter, Medium: Mixed media construction including acrylic on canvas         mounted to ceiling, 14" masonite panels, fluorescent lights, metal leaf and ¼" light defusing plex.


1991 College Park Mural , Route 1 and Knox Road City of College Park, Office of Planning, Size: 35 ft. x 75 ft, Medium: exterior Acrylic on ½" MDO Board mounted to brick. Mural includes a ¼ inch gauge steel cupola above the roof line.


1988  Air Shaft Mural, Third Street and Massachusetts, Arts DC, and the DC Commission on the Art Size: 96ft x 60ft, Medium:  Exterior Acrylic on Concrete