Having chosen not to pursue Architecture, his dream as a youth, Val Lewton found ways to incorporate his love of spaces, shapes and buildings. He had arrived in Washington, DC as the newly developing field of Museum Exhibit Design began its growth, and found his home. By the 80’s another growth was happening in the Gallery Place area, the beginnings of gentrification. Huge efforts at demolition were underway, accompanied by bulldozers, diggers, wrecking balls and cranes, resulting in exposed and shattered edifices… a treasure trove for this urban landscape painter. Sharing glimpses of ‘the life that had been”, now partially demolished, but partnered with the machines of destruction responsible, Lewton, in his painting, formulated the shapes, colors and light from that moment in time into beautifully painted architectural visions, Later as buildings were constructed, Lewton’s interest progressively flagged. He preferred the rich detail of the work in progress.

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