VAL LEWTON, 1937- 2015

In 2017, two Retrospective Exhibitions opened in Washington, DC:


American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center: June 17- August 13, 2017


Addison Ripley Fine Art: June 3 – July 13, 2017

The purpose was to establish a record of Val’s paintings, his exhibition history, and his influence on the Art of Washington, DC from the 1960’s, when he arrived from Southern California, until his death in 2015.


The late artist Val Lewton was captivated by the yin and yang of destruction and construction, so he might appreciate what’s going on around his largest and best-known work, on the exhaust tower on H Street NW, near Second Street and Massachusetts Avenue. The trompe l’oeil mural seems to pierce the air shaft, revealing the Capitol dome beyond.”

Mark Jenkins

The Washington Post

“Lewton’s loosely realistic style recalls Edward Hopper’s, but there are no nighthawks and no diners in Lewton’s unpeopled world. His landscapes often appear neglected or even abandoned. (This might show the influence of seeing so much of downtown Washington torn down while he worked there.) Cars stand in for their occupants, notably in “Whitehurst Freeway,” a huge 1970 canvas whose dull shades of red and green resemble the hues of a faded snapshot.”

John Kelly

The Washington Post

“His paintings use the artifacts of traffic and run of the mill objects—cars, trucks, roadways, semi-demolished buildings, and paint cans—to create improbably beautiful and personal compositions.”

The Georgetown Dish

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