“Some of the landscapes in Claudia Minicozzi’s Arts Club of Washington show are of urban scenes, whether in Italy, France or within walking distance of the venerable club’s townhouse. But natural vistas best suit the loose-limbed style of the D.C. painter, who is very nearly a watercolorist.

Painting on paper with diluted acrylics, the artist captures liquid light in a way that seems to melt objects, whether as permanent as a rocky ridge or as ephemeral as a snow bank. Sunlight can be sly in such Minicozzi vignettes as “Amalfi Coast,” where a shadowed wall faces the viewer while the building’s bright side glimmers almost out of view.

Minicozzi often works from photographs, and sometimes faithfully reproduces a photo’s transient perspective. Yet the resulting pictures don’t seem fixed in time. The charm of them is that they appear about to dissolve into the ether, just like the moments they represent.”

—Mark Jenkins, Washington Post, March 17, 2020

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